Our Mission


To restore and preserve our patients’ oral health.


  • Prevent disease and injury
  • Treat disease and injury
  • Restore lost hard and soft tissue
  • Maintain oral health disease-free

WHY? Because oral health:

  • Reflects and contributes to total health
  • Elevates your quality of life
  • Makes for comfortable, efficient mastication (chewing)
  • Provides a pleasing smile
  • Contributes to clear speech
  • Elevates resistance to stress
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Thomas B. Lefler, DMD, FACP
Bill B. Lefler, DDS, FACP

130 Cordoba Center Dr.
Hot Springs Village, AR 71909
Phone: (501) 922-3443
Fax: (501) 922-5142

Monday - Thursday :
7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.